Tuesday 27 May 2008

Speaking of karma....

Apparently John Terry ain't the only one to get comeuppance.

According to Sharon Stone the earthquake in China (you know, the one that killed thousands of people, destroyed homes and so on, that lil thing) may have been karma for China over the way they treated "her good friend" the Dali Lama.

If I

a) Believed in karma


b) Was responsible for inflicting Basic Instinct 2, Catwoman, Sphere, The Specialist etcon the world

I would lock my self away in a bubblewrapped room.

And while on the subject of karma and movies, George Lucas I hope your money pile falls on you and causes at least paralysis after what was undoubtedly the biggest piss take of a movie ending. Spielberg and Ford - I'd expect you two to know better.

Thursday 22 May 2008

Has John Terry seen My Name Is Earl?

But why oh why would the media highlight such an incident.

An England Captain? spitting?


Monday 19 May 2008

"Democracy simply doesn't work.."

Young people urged to 'Rock the Lisbon vote'

19/05/2008 - 15:12:40
A pressure group established to encourage youth voter turnout in the last election has turned it's attention to the upcoming referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and is urging young voters to exercise their right to vote.

Pop group The Flaws, along with You Tube Starlet Sofie Merry were amongst those who were at the launch of the campaign in Dublin today to generate interest in the upcoming Lisbon referendum.

Those involved in the campaign are hoping that young people will educate themselves on the details of the Lisbon Treaty and the impact it will have on the country if it gains a majority Yes vote on June 12.

So yet another vapid patronising attempt to engage an electorate is peddled out. These campaigns are a joke. They make zero attempt to educate their target demographic as to what the referendum is about and rely on crass media whoring to convince young people that they can "Rock the vote".

Why not tell Johnny and Sally Bebo what the Lisbon treaty is about? Why bother getting people to vote for the sake of it? Like last year's election these campaigns are a complete waste of time and money (whose money, for that matter?). So compelled with being bipartisan, this bullshit exercise in PR offers nothing in the way of information or debate, and does nothing to compel people to vote on the issues at hand. Do we REALLY want people swayed by these hallow soundbites to have a say in the running of the country? People harp on about our democratic duty, which is idealist to say the least.

Put it this way - I'd rather the vote had a turnout of 40% of the electorate who had an informed opinion of the referendum at hand rather than see polling cues of clueless 18 year olds there because The fucking Flaws told them that voting is cool.

Wednesday 14 May 2008

Tuesday 6 May 2008

A picture's worth a thousand words...

So I finally found the latest issue of State Magazine.You know it, yeah? The new monthly music magazine with contributions from some of the internet's finest music and pop culture aficionados?

It was shelved in the "Women's Interests" section of a local supermarket.
Draw your own conclusions.

Picture of The Dark Knight's Two-Face leaks...

...and WAS available on Comic Book Resources. While several doctored pics of Aaron Eckhart are floating around, the fact that Warner Bros have hunted down any site with this particular image suggests it's genuine.

So I can't put it here. But, put it this way, I don't see it being used in any ad campaigns...it's GRIM.

Meanwhile a new ad is up on Why So Serious?

Monday 5 May 2008

Is this the greatest ad ever?

By the way, the tune is "Don't Speak" by the Eagles Of Death Metal.

Friday 2 May 2008

"Who cares if the invisible man comes to dinner?"

The quite fantastic Peep Show is back for its fifth series tonight, Channel 4 at 10.30pm. (Mental note, must get Sky+)

Thanks to Chortle, here are some sneak peaks at what's to come.

Saved By The Bell on the telly, Frosties reflectors in your spokes..

...and other such 90s childhood memories will come flooding back with this sweet EP with remixes of classic 8 bit games.

Download The Nintendo Vs Sega EP from the Remix Artist Collective for free here.

I Guess I'm Floating has one track from the EP, a remix of Zelda's "A Link To The Past hosted on the blog here for a sampler.

Thursday 1 May 2008

Got tagged y'all

I've been Memed by Rapture Ponies. Here's how it goes.

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1. Books which I have half read on my bedside locker include Catch 22 (yes I know, I should finish it), Bob Dylan's Chronicles Volume 1 (Good book but I'm reading it sloooowly), Woody Allen: The Complete Prose (Though that's not so much a book you "finish" per se, more dip in and out for articles) and Diarmuid Ferriter's Judging Dev (Thought I just started that one). I am a serial book commitment phobe. I rarely see them through to the end.

2. I am surprisingly spending more time on Pro Evolution Soccer 08 on the Wii than Mario kart, though both games are fantastically innovative. (If you fancy some on line fun leave your friend codes here!)

3. I totally got my better half with Ray's trick today. For those who don't know he urged the men of the country to text their girlfriends/wives/bit on the side telling them to turn on Today FM. After the ad break he played a "special request" for the girl who was just texted to tune in. As Van Morrison's "Have I Told You Lately" played I was texted and informed of the MAJOR brownie points I scored.

I came clean in the end, and thankfully she saw the funny side.

4. I got a birthday card from Guinness. As in the drink company. Seriously.

5. The West Wing is the best TV drama ever made in my humble opinion, with Band Of Brothers being the best Mini Series.

6. I used to have a psychosomatic thing where I would gag if I ever tried to take a tablet. I got over that fairly lively when I briefly suffered chronic migraines earlier this year. All's well on both fronts now.

I'll tag Ray, One For The Road, John Cav, Thundercrack, Matt, and the pair at Modern Cadence.