Thursday 31 July 2008

Time to stop dossin' - pastures new a-callin'

Well after 114 posts I've decided to wind down this blog. As has been mentioned elsewhere, the blogging scene is a demanding one, with a constant pressure to post stuff that seems relevant. It doesn't help that I lacked a coherent focus as to what this blog was about but hopefully I'll take my lessons onto the new music blog I'm involved in.

Thanks to those of you who have commented all along - I feel like I have made some electric friends through this blog and it's something I'm glad I tried and learned from.

If you all could check out that's where I'll be posting from now, and who knows, I may return here from time to time to post the stuff that wouldn't fit there.

Thanks again and I'll hopefully see you on the other side...

Monday 28 July 2008

Bluff called, Willie

Boylesports offers €10,000 for O’Dea to shave moustache

28/07/2008 - 16:11:22
The Minister for Defence Willie O'Dea is being offered €10,000 to shave his moustache by betting company Boylesports

Minister O'Dea is quoted in today's Irish Examiner as saying he would only shave his famous facial hair for charity and it would have to be a substantial amount of money.

Boylesports is now offering to pay the princely sum of €10,000 to the minister's charity of choice if he takes the plunge.

Thursday 24 July 2008

Lolcats + Batman = Lolbats!

Ok I know I'm going OTT on the Batman but I'm suitably excited having read Rick's blog. Anyway, saw these here.

Also check out your Batman-a-day fix on The Daily Batman

I promise not to mention Batman again until I see it.

Wednesday 23 July 2008

I'm loving Batman stuff at the moment...

...THAT gif.....veiled insults to my mother and sister that I might "do a Bruce Wayne on ya"...

It's all good. As is this version of a Michael Bay script for Batman, as seen on One For The Road's blog.

Insult of the day blog?

I accidentally typed into the address bar....interesting idea that.

Though I'm already busy with the other one...Monday hopefully!