Tuesday 26 February 2008

The next ROG-Gate?

As seen on Mulley's site.

Reminds me alot of another picture...

Reasons to be Cheerful for Cork Gig Goers

With the disappointment that is the Marquee gigs line up, music fans in the Rebel County could be forgiven for thinking that all the good gigs are limited to the 'big schmoke' of Dublin.

Not so, and a quick look at the list below proves that there's many the good night to be had in Cork in the future..

Fri 29 Feb / 9:00PM / Si Schroeder / Cyprus Avenue / €10
Sat 01 Mar / 10:30PM / Fuck Buttons / Liquid Lounge / €10
Thu 13 Mar / 9:00PM / Ham Sandwich / Cyprus Avenue / €8
Fri 14 Mar / 9:00PM / Hooray For Humans / Cyprus Avenue / €8
Sun 23 Mar / 9:00PM / Fight Like Apes / Cyprus Avenue / €10
Fri 28 Mar / 9:00PM / Stanley Super 800 / Cyprus Avenue / €10
Thu 8 May / 9:00PM / Black Rebel Motorcycle Club / Savoy / €30
Fri 9 May / 9:00PM Iron and Wine / Savoy / €25.50

Thanks to corkgigs.com for the specifics.

"I got you one of those One 4 All Vouchers!"

"Now be sure to use it because it says you have to before the end of July. But they're great! Can use them in practically any shop!"

Hmmm. Here's an idea. Save yourself a service charge and give CASH. It works in ALL shops, no fucking practically about it and it doesn't have an expiry date. Giving someone a One4All voucher does not cover the fact that you are too uninspired to think of a gift for a person so at least be honest about it, rather than appease your guilt by buying into An Post's scam.

Those things do my head in.

Is there anyone cooler....

...than Jon Stewart? What an absolute gent he was on Oscar night to Marketa Irglova. A damn good and funny host to boot. The only people on Oscar night who could possibly be cooler are...

  • George Clooney
  • Javier Bardem
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Forrest Whitaker (strikes me as the nicest guy ever. And did you hear him sing on Jonathan Ross?)
And that's only people who strike me as being possibly cooler. Mr Stewart, I salute you.

On a personal note, for someone with an MA in Film Studies I have seen a worryingly low amount of the 80 Best Film Award Winners.

Monday 25 February 2008

Predict Monday's LiveLine.

"Izza dizgrace Joe"

"Sure sure"

"I mean, all the yoooo-rows wasted on bleedin tribunals ta find out how much Bertie won on a bleedin scratchcard in April 1993 an all da, who cares?"

"Do you not think the public have a right to know?"

"Right to know? It's been years, we'll never know. And anyway, my point is this; milions of yoooo-rows on tribunal that could be invested in the yooot."

"The youth?"

"Yeah. In music. That way we could send a decent act to the yoooo-row vision. Izza disgrace. Or we could use the millions to get that Glen Hansom fella. He did well."

"He did."

"I mean how come we can spend millions and millions makin' films like that one da did well there last night and not on the music that represents us in the wurld?"


On another note, fair play to The Scotsman for giving us the benefit of doubt.

CONGRATULATIONS to Ireland in choosing as its submission for this year's Eurovision Song Contest a grotesque puppet turkey called Dustin, whose gobbled rendition of Irelande Douze Points is set to ruffle official feathers.
Critics may see it as an act of insulting ingratitude to those millions across Europe who have so often over the years voted the Irish submission the winner that the country has grown weary of hosting the competition.

But it is, of course, as we would expect from Ireland, a more profound existential statement about the meaning of popular music – or the lack of it. In this regard it marks the first truly post-modernist submission for the contest. As such, it deserves equal treatment to those maniacally cavorting bands whose meaningless librettos have reduced the contest to farce long before the arrival of Dustin the Turkey.

Who would have batted an eyelid had Dustin been submitted to the Tate Modern as a contemporary work of sculpture? It would have probably won a prize, and tucked itself into Tracey Emin's unmade bed for good measure.

Dustin the Turkey may well end up knocking the stuffing out of the competition. But we have cause enough to celebrate the entry as the most original Eurovision Song Contest act in years. All it awaits is hearty approval from Terry Wogan.

Friday 22 February 2008

Friday Randomness

19 year old gets his own blog with prominent UK paper. Comments are less than kind. The Guardian miss the point completely.

Yes there were some nasty resentful comments based on class. But it's convenient that they ignored the genuine criticisms of the article (that it was clichéd ridden posturing with very little insight). It's easy to point at the vitriol that the guy endured but me thinks the editor needs to look at the quality of what's put on the site rather than the quantity of comments it receives.

There is going to be an Arrested Development movie.
At last the world's first analyst and therapist goes to the big screen.

A sixteen year old Argentinian girl has given birth to her second set of triplets.
She now has seven kids. Love the response to the family's plea for Government health. "Some Argentines are arguing that perhaps what Pamela needs is more advice on contraception."

Finally, I made a rare trip over to Ireland AM on TV3 this morning.
They were discussing foot nail fungus and possible treatment. I was having my breakfast.

Thursday 21 February 2008

Irish bidder gets "World's Greatest Music Collection" for $3,002,1500


Hasn't this guy heard of torrents?*

*The above comment was made purely in jest. Doss Spot in no way encourages the illegal distribution of music and such jokes are in no way to be taken seriously by Lars Ulrich, Paul McGuinness or any record companies.

Tuesday 19 February 2008

Meteors killed the Radio Stars

Seems there's a war of words brewin' between National DJ of the Year winner Ray Foley and 2fm's Nikki Hayes over alleged comments she made about him at this year's Meteor awards.

Apparently Foley mentioned on his show how he was told that Hayes made disparaging comments about him before he walked into the green room of the awards, held in the RDS last Friday.

Hayes, however, didn't take kindly to this, and left him a comment on his blog.

Ray I didnt appreciate your comments on the radio today, any comment I made at the meteors were meant in jest, however, you are a dick.

Doss Spot awaits Foley's reply with the kind of interest reserved for Oireachtas Report.

The Smashing Pumpkins, Live @ The RDS

Review I did recently.

Smashing Pumpkins @ The RDS, Dublin. February 9 2008

Amongst the spate of reunion that the music scene has seen in the last few years, the Smashing Pumpkins stand out as an act that has undergone a ‘reformation’ rather than a reunion, releasing new material following a seven year hiatus. While some acts will come back for money spinning tours banging out the hits their audience come to hear once again, Billy Corgan and company clearly believe that they have something new to offer, that they are still a creative force in comparison with other bands living off former glories.
However, based on tonight’s performance, more specifically the set-list, the Smashing Pumpkins need to learn how to tread their line more carefully, for while the band certainly have generated good will with their audience, very few fans would go to tonight’s gig hoping for a set list overly laden with tracks from last year’s badly received Zeitgeist.
There was a palpable feeling, based on the lukewarm reception of the newer material, that the audience were willing to indulge Billy his meanderings in return for renditions of the bands earlier hits. When these come, such as stand out moments like Tonight, Tonight, Bullet With Butterfly Wings and the show stealing solo acoustic 1979 they are all too brief moments of magic in a mediocre set, the rapturous applause that greets them mere occasional punctuations in an otherwise quiet crowd lulled into muted token appreciation as they hope the band will just get the new material out of the way and play what they came to see.
The problem with tonight’s show is not just the imbalance of the set in terms of new and old material but the pacing and tempo of the entire show. The crowd are never whipped into a frenzy, as when things get good and the energy is built up amongst the fans they are brought back down to earth by another forgettable offering.
The encore saw Corgan at his most self indulgent, with overblown and overlong solos that isolated the audience and those who lost patience headed for the doors early missed the Cherub Rock finale.
Much like Zeitgeist this two an a half hour set offered more quantity than quality, a bloated mess of a show that can count a stripped down acoustic number as the highlight of an otherwise overdone effort.
Corgan’s “Best Crowd In Europe” platitudes at the end of the night are clichéd enough yet still come across as an earnest thank you to the fans, but he and the latest incarnation of his band would be better off trimming their self-serving set and realising that shows like the one witnessed in Dublin tonight are damning indictments that as a creative force, the Smashing Pumpkin’s zeitgeist has come and gone.

Monday 18 February 2008

The 10 Best British Albums

According to Q

1. Oasis, Definitely Maybe
2. Oasis, (What's the Story) Morning Glory?
3. Radiohead, OK Computer
4. Beatles, Revolver
5. Stone Roses, Stone Roses
6. Beatles, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
7. Clash, London Calling
8. Keane, Under the Iron Sea
9. Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon
10. Verve, Urban Hymns

Now. I'm loath to give lists like this the time of day but according to this list Keane's Under The Iron Sea is better than (off the top of my head)

Kid A
Rubber Soul
Anything by Led Zepplin
Piper At the Gates Of Dawn.

Dear God. Yes, lists are lazy journalism, done so people will buy the magazine, see the list, get indignant and give out to their friends, who will in turn get indignant and buy/borrow the magazine nd give it more coverage.

But, journos of the world at least make the controversy somewhat credible...I mean Keane?

Hit me with more deserving mentions. I'm sure there are many.

1. Yes, I'm aware Q is a rag of the highest order, aimed at 30-somethings to have on their coffee table.
2. I'm also aware that due to and despite my protestations I have fallen for the very tactic I bemoan.

Saturday 16 February 2008

Meteor Awards Winners '08

Best Irish Female: Cathy Davey
Best Irish Male: Duke Special
Best Irish Band: Aslan
Best Irish Pop: Westlife
Best Folk\Traditional: Damien Dempsey
Best Irish Live Performance: The Blizzards (Oxegen 07)
Best Irish Album: 'Addicted To Company, Part I' - Paddy Casey
Best International Live Performance: Muse (Oxegen)
Best Irish DJ: Ray Foley
Hope for 2008: Ham Sandwich
Livetime Achievement Award: The Saw Doctors
The Meteor Industry Award was posthumously present to Jim Aiken.

Thursday 14 February 2008

The most overused joke at the moment...

"Sure isn't his English better than Staunton's?"

No it's not. Shut up.

New Indiana Jones Trailer!

On Ahora Hollywood.

Takes something special to keep Batman off my 'most anticipated summer movie' list.
Kudos to you Mr. Spielberg.

Wednesday 13 February 2008

Decency in entertianment media - an oxymoron?

UK gossip site Holy Moly's decision to self censor in the light of increasingly invasive paparazzi photos is to be welcomed. An interesting case study will be to see if in year or so their site viewings or advertising revenues will drop. Methinks not.

As has been said before, by Phil on The State or even myself it's up to the media to draw the line at the depths sunk for a story. People are only compelled by Amy Winehouse or Britney's latest breakdowns because it is what is fed to the general public through papers and television. This is not to patronise the public but it really is a case of the media declaring a story is a story 'because we say so' rather than it being in the public interest. There would be little public outcry if the media didn't cover these events, the interest would shift to whatever (in an ideal world more significant and worthy) story that is presented.

Sadly I think Holy Moly's stand will be an isolated incident, as many editors and producers reach for Webster to understand the basic concept of integrity.

Monday 11 February 2008

Taoiseach admits rules broken. No one cares.

An interesting throwaway comment in last Saturday's Examiner from Bertie on 'Rebel' Ned O'Keeffe TD.

Asked if he would welcome Mr O’Keeffe back, Bertie Ahern said: “Ned and I have been friends for 30 years, of course I would.

“I was talking to him earlier and he told me he had four comhairle ceantar meetings tonight, so he’s busier than ever.”


Because a letter circulated by Fianna Fáil (ya know, Bertie's crew? Who Ned left?) following O'Keeffe's resignation says the following:

As a member of the PP (Parliamentary Party) he was entitled to attend and speak at the meetings of all Comhairlí Ceantair (CC) in the Cork East constituency, (Rule 29 (i)), but now he has lost the right to attend and participate at all meetings and activities of this cumann.
So let's get this straight. In less time than it took the FAI to replace Stan, Ned O'Keeffe left Fianna Fáil because he wouldn't vote confidence in Mary Harney, (though he didn't vote against, he just abstained) has continued to go to Fianna Fáil meetings even though he's not a member anymore and is now rejoining?

'Rebel' Ned indeed.

UNKLE split

As reported on State a statement on the band's website confirms the split after 10 years.

The video is their remix of QOTSA 'No One Knows' put to some anime.

Legal free music is always good

So Thundercrack Playlist is worth a look.

Here's the details.

A playlist of the best new music around as well as live and rare tracks from the biggest bands in the world. I will give special focus to unsigned bands when deciding who to feature on the playlist. Any bands or musicians who would like to be featured on the playlist send ONE of your songs along with a bio and relevant website links to thundercrackplaylist@gmail.com

Thursday 7 February 2008

Sorry, could you say that last bit again?

From Reeling In The Years, which I nerdishly want on DVD.

Wait until the end.

"Recorded 100% on solar energy"

Dear God.

I think I just heard an ad for Jack Johnson's new album actually brag that it was recorded using solar power.

That's all we need - for the pretentious pious knobs out there for find a new "product" to be high and mighty about.

"Ya I used to like Bjork but then I heard that the plastic cases for her last CD were produced by workers who are paid less than the international average minimum wage AND she didn't plant a thousand trees for every gig she did on her last tour so her music now means nothing to me. I mean, are her microphones fair trade?"

Rumoured new acts for the Marquee.

Include Jay-Z and Neil Young.

I'm still not terribly interested.

Tuesday 5 February 2008

Road Rage.

Ok class, what we should revise today.

1. Cars coming from a secondary to a main road yield for the oncoming traffic on that main road. Not the other way around. Yes, it's awfully nice of you to allow people out in front of you.

Consider this though.

While you may not be in a hurry, the other rush hour commuters may not appreciate getting stuck behind a school bus.

2. All road users have the same rights. Regardless. Honestly, I know, I know, that Lexus probably cost you ten times what I paid for my second hand Nissan but I should still be allowed on the road. Maybe if you pay the right people a law forcing the likes of me onto the hard shoulder will be passed but until then check the aggression.

3. "Slow lane ends: 200m" is an indication that the two lanes will merge into one, and informs drivers to beware.
It does not translate as "Make a sudden burst and anyone in front of you be damned." See point 2. (I hope it was worth it, getting to be one whole car ahead of me as we got stuck in the subsequent bottleneck.)

4. The outside lane is for overtaking, only to be driven on if there is a car impeding your progress on the inside lane. It is not for driving at the same speed as cars in the other lane.

5. Lanes approaching roundabouts are not mere 'suggestions'. It would also be nice if you would at least indicate before swerving in front of other traffic.

6. Yes, employers, as unbelievable as it all sounds these things can all happen in a half an hour's drive. Please be tolerant of staff late for these reasons, for further aggravation will require a cathartic release of tension.

Such as wasting company time on a blog.