Wednesday 28 November 2007

Ok, I'm getting excited about this now...

Empire has the latest on "The Dark Knight", the next Batman film from Christopher Nolan including bits on Heath Ledger as The Joker.

Friday 23 November 2007

So I went ice-skating yesterday

At Cork On Ice, Little Island. A lot of fun though I brought someone who had never been, and she subsequently injured her ankle.

Still....could have been worse

Sunday 18 November 2007

For your increased license fee today...

Over the course of the weekend RTE have subjected viewers to Jade Goodey on the Late Late and Bill and the boys managing to continue their bitter, stubborn crusade against Manchester United's Christiano Ronaldo- before an international fixture between Ireland and Wales.

The most unforgivable has to be the continuation of "RTE Physics" - a rare phenomenon in which sound, in particular George Hamilton's commentary, travels faster than light, being the actual picture on our screens.

Marvel as George tells us the Welsh goalie has spilled a cross before the ball is even kicked!
Gasp as George predicts a goal before the player even strikes the ball!

In this day and age a lag between picture and sound on a live broadcast is barely acceptable from a feed coming from the Middle East - how the hell did RTE mess up a game being broadcast from Wales, the closest country to the island of Ireland?

Thursday 15 November 2007

Killer Or Victim? Man or Woman?

The story about the death of a family in a fire in Omagh has shocked and saddened many. The suspicions that it was the father of the family that may have started the family has only added to the sense of tragedy.

However, as many reports, especially in the tabloids, refer to the father, Arthur McElhill, as 'demented' amongst other sensationalist demonising phrases the question must be asked: would similar language be used if it were suspected that the mother of the family had started the fire?

As seen in the case in Wexford last year, the media jumped to demonise the father, however when it was revealed that his wife visited an undertaker with him the week before, the tone softened considerably.

In the last year we have seen the suicides of Nollaig Owen and the mother and son who died on the Cliffs of Moher, yet never is the phrase murder-suicide used.

Terminology when describing these events tend to be much more sympathetic towards the women in question, with reasoning such as Post-Natal depression given to explain these tragedies.

There is a regular push to quash the social stigma of male mental health yet men with mental issues are not given the same benefits in the media as women are. That is not to suggest that women are deserving of the same treatment subjected to men in the media, but to suggest that men who are responsible for these tragedies are subject to the same criteria when judged by the media.

Ultimately it is a reminder that in our society mental illness is a 'weakness': permissible in 'the fairer sex' but unforgivable in men, who are supposed to be the strong, dominant gender, who are 'demented' as opposed to 'tragic'.

Tuesday 13 November 2007

Goodbye workday.

For those of you who appreciate a classic videogame and fancy an unproductive day may I heartily recommend Virtual NES.

A wealth of games from the classic NES, all uploaded and playable online.

Hope the boss isn't expecting too much of me this week...

Saturday 10 November 2007

Players go GAA-GAA

95% of inter-county players have voted to go on strike following the GAA's decision not to distribute 5 million euros worth of expenses awarded by the government to the players.

The GAA believe that doing so would go against the Association's ethos of the games remaining amateur.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but if the government want the players to have this money why don't they distribute it? Why thrust responsibility onto an organisation that wants nothing to do with it?

Surely the all powerful GPA, who represent inter-county players, can facilitate the distribution? If there is, as is believed, thousands being awarded to the players can they each not pay the GPA a nominal administration fee to hire a staff who can organise the distribution of the money?

There are thousands of GAA players who play for their local club, don't get paid expenses and would love the opportunity to play for their county. The GAA should show some balls, let the players strike and watch as people who want nothing more than to represent their county get their go.

Thursday 8 November 2007

Editorial license...

Dear editor,

If you must add an introduction to a piece I submit at least tell me before hand. This way I can explain how what you are adding actually negates the first 500 words or so of my article.

That is all,


Monday 5 November 2007

Finger on the Pulse

The Minister for Defence, Willie O'Dea, has acknowledged public unease about the scale of pay increases awarded to the Taoiseach and Cabinet ministers.

The 'No Shit Sherlock' Award goes to...

While Bertie has reportedly said that any U-turn on the pay rise (making him the best paid democratically elected head of state by far) would be 'tokenism'. Which is fair enough. I mean, Charlie had his own island for God's sake - Bertie has trouble with a modest house.

The budget should be fun.

Friday 2 November 2007

For Your Tax Money Today

The Equality Authority have criticised Pat Kenny's presentation of last year's Late Late Toy Show. According to today's Indo

During last year's 'Late Late Toy Show' on RTE "the main presenter persistently reinforced stereotypes of gender", according to the study. In the case of one toy, a human skull shown to ooze slime, the comment was uttered "made for boys, I think".

The study carried out by the Centre for Gender and Women's studies in Trinity College Dublin found blue and pink is often used to communicate gender appropriateness of toys, while boys are mainly depicted playing outdoors and girls indoors.

Under the Equal Status Acts, the code of standards states advertisements and promotions should avoid sex stereotyping, Mr Crowley said.

He said they would be working with the Advertising Standards Authority to ensure the standards are applied.

Now I'm all for criticism of Pat the Plank but the Equality Authority have put me in an uncomfortable, unprecedented position.

I'm on his side. This is absolutely ridiculous, the Toy Show was on nearly a year ago, it has taken 11 months of deliberation (by people paid from taxes) to made this crazy announcement.

Surely the Equality Authority can distinguish between being equal and being the same?

If anybody wants me I'll be hiding in the women's changing rooms in Dunne's Stores screaming "FACIST!!!" at anyone who tells me I'm not allowed to be there.