Monday 29 October 2007

L Plate blues

So my week off work has been fun so far - Arcade Fire in Phoenix Park, Redneck Manifesto in the Liquid Lounge in Cork. Might go to see Fight Like Apes tomorrow.

What has fucked me up is trying to figure out the latest stance on the whole provisional drivers fiasco. Dempsey says the Gardai will be lenient. Gardai say otherwise. Then there's a three month 'probation' period.

It has been a typically ham fisted approach from an inept department of transport, taking advice from a quango of an organisation (RSA) that appoints a former chat show host (who, incidentally, admitted that he has never sat a driving test) as their organisation head.

Of course, much like Hearney and the HSE the government can shift accountability by pointing to the RSA as the instigators of this mess.

Working for a regional newspaper in County Cork my car is essential. I also applied for my test last March. I got confirmation last week that I have my test at the end of November. Everyone knows that a reform of Irish driving rules is needed. But the government needs to step up in other places - such as the cutting of waiting lists for the test and a better provision of public transport.

I was in Dublin when I heard the news. With the Luas and Dublin bus I had no hassle getting around to my friends' apartment into the city centre, to pubs and gig venues and back to Heuston Station. It was the longest I have gone without driving since I started work.

Driving home from the train station in Mallow I thought to myself: 'I wonder how often a bus travels this route?'

Friday 26 October 2007

This is ridiculous.

I have full sympathy for anyone who has lost a child, but seriously?

Six months later you release a non descript pic of the person who has taken your kid?

Hey - it looks like Jack White, must be him!
Hey - looks like Real Madrid favourite Raul - must be him!

or, as South Park fans may tell you, it was some Puerto Rican guy!

Friday 19 October 2007

Toy market plays God REDUX

Yup. It was a hoax. Wiki explains all

Genpets are a mixed media installation art piece by artist Adam Brandejs.[1] It is considered a hoax of exposure. The project has been shown in multiple galleries in Canada and Europe and has garnered some attention in the mass media.

Certainly got a reaction out of me. Then again I'm slow and it's late on a Friday afternoon. I'm not a big modern art aficionado, (possibly why I haven't heard about this before) but I must say I 'm impressed with this. While I was skeptical of it, I did ponder the implications of such technology. Which was the point.

Toy market plays God.

Got sent this today - it must be a wind up.....right?

Genetically engineered living creature pets, designed to live for a set cycle and are drugged up to the point that you can choose the 'personality' of the pet.

This is some kind of hoax...isn't it?

Cathy Davey @ Cypress Avenue

A fantastic show last night by Ms. Davey whose album, I'm ashamed to say, I haven't gotten my hands on yet (can't find it in any of the big towns nearby and refuse to use iTunes).

Based on the strength of her new material I greatly look forward to it though, the intimate venue suited her well but her galloping rhythm of songs like Sing For Your Supper and infectious choruses will translate to a bigger venue well.

Songs like current single Reuben and The Collector will hopefully see her go stellar in '08.

Thursday 18 October 2007

Peas in a Pod

Anyone notice who was seated next to John "The FAI will appoint a world class management team" Delaney at last night's horror show in Croke Park?

Yup, Mr Ahern himself. I presume the topics of discussion included the pairs appreciation of how great it is not to be held accountable for their actions or deceit.

I'm angry today.

Wednesday 10 October 2007

A long day.

So I slept in. Had to rush to work

No Radiohead download for me. Stuck in the office with an Apple Mac (and not a clue how to work WinRAR for macs) so it'll be 6ish before I hear it.

Thoughts? Based on what I've read there's the predictable range of 'Meh' to 'OHMIGOD', with no real consensus (apart from 'videotape' which everyone seems to rate.)

Tuesday 9 October 2007

Top 5 Radio Ads That Are Doing My Head In

5) Galvin for Women.

You know the one. Woman complains that she has nothing to wear; yer man from Bachelor's Walk suggests going off to Galvin for Women in Tullamore.

It doesn't so much annoy me as disturb me. That little noise he makes as she reveals she might get something sexy for his party is a bit...unsettling. It's like that old man noise when he spots "a fine young girl" in a pub. It's not quite a quiet orgasmic groan, not quite an "ooohhh" but it's a strange place in between. It disturbs me.

4) The new financial regulator ad.

Getting a late night bus has been destroyed by the "I don't know what a tracker mortgage is" man. Many the drunken village idiot thinks he's the hilarious original satirist by doing this on the bus, and now the demons responsible have continued the cult of personality surrounding the guy by giving him a follow up ad.

Do they not realise that this will only encourage more people to mimic this on the nightlink? The knock on effect being more people will risk driving home drunk rather than endure more of this unbearable 'hilarity'. It's Borat all over again I swear...

3) Eircom phone watch.

So most burglaries occur while the occupant is IN THE HOME? Doing everyday chores or watching TV?
Hook myself up with a wire free alarm? Ok. Question.

Who sets the alarm while they're in the house doing the dishes? Does anybody go 'Shit, I'll be absorbed by Prison Break - better set the alarm lest I be robbed?

2) I dont even know what the ad is for.

I switch off. I presume it's for some eye-rejuvenating product. Basically a woman sees a guy in her office with his head in his hands.

'Alright John?'

'Ugh. Late night.'


So. Fucking. Annoying. At that point I switch off. At least I remember what the other ones are for - this ad is both annoying AND fails to inform me of the product.


'Wakey Wakeeeeeeeeeey! This is your little inner voice.'

No it's not. My little inner voice is much deeper and sinister in tone. It tells me to find all responsible for this audio abomination and cut them with rusty blades.

Like number 2 it doesn't sell well; only by making a concerted effort did I find out that this was for a mortgage. Top spot is secured by the repetition of the 'precocious' little shit at the end of the ad.

'wakey wakeeeeey!'

Saturday 6 October 2007

A 'Gift' From Arcade Fire

After the hype and speculation (fuelled by Pitchfork saying it was going to be 'cool') it turns out the gift from Arcade Fire is an interactive video.

Which is fun it itself, but announcing a 'gift' like that the week Radiohead have pretty much given away their new album is akin to an uncle promising a present, which turns out to be a once off trip to the local leisure centre, when Daddy's just bought you a pool.

A bit of an anti-climax in other words.

This one has backfired methinks Mr. Butler...unless I'm missing something?

'Sad Books Are Bad Books'

Stumbled across a real, legitimate group on line, called The Happy Endings Foundation. (THEF)
Their goal is to eradicate any literature which may have a sad or depressing ending. They outline their aims as follows

  • To eradicate sad thoughts from all literature
  • To make people smile a little more often
  • To encourage authors to write more uplifting books for children
  • To highlight the dangers of reading sad books
  • To unite parents of a similar thinking and create a force with which to be reckoned
  • To protect the next generation of readers.
  • And, above all, to ensure the longevity of HAPPY ENDINGS (that means "to make sure happy endings are around for a long time")

The group is the brainchild of UK woman Adrienne Small. Small, a former tax inspector (no wonder she needed cheering up), noted her daughter wasn't happy with the ending of Lemony Snicket, a condition which she claims was exacerbated by her daughter's subsequent reading of the dozen or so books in the series (The first one scared you? Sure try the other 12, it might pick up! Solid parenting there).

The thing that freaks me about this whole thing is the image Ms Small puts out. The language she uses as if on some sort of happy crusade, in which her opponents MUST be miserable killjoys, right?

Any group that advocates undermining a person's free will (check the section where they suggest hiding a disagreeable DVD on someone should they not agree on the THEF stance) and has an annual "Bad Book Bonfire and Fun Fireworks Party need to be exposed for what they really are - emotion censoring Nazi's. Swap all the smilie faces on their site to swastikas, and change the benefits of this approach from personal to national well being. It's like a time warp.

It'd be funny if it weren't concerning - check how many 'Chapters' have sprung up across the UK

Monday 1 October 2007

New Radiohead Album Out October 10th

It'll be available for download according to their website.