Monday 14 July 2008

The "I didn't go to Oxegen" Weekend review.

Friday: Back to work post-Prague, wrote one article and played with the internet.

Saturday: Got ready to go to G-G-G-Galway for the Film Fleadh and a book launch. Missed the book launch, didn't go to any films. Started with drinks in the rowing club, then giant tankards in the Beer House (which I'm probably spelling wrong) and then onto Rosin Dubh (for my first time, ashamedly) where a various concoction of beers, spirits and energy drinks was consumed. I remember dancing to Battles and MGMT...the rest is a blur. Vague recollections of successfully slurring an order for chicken nuggets in Supermac in Eyre's Square. Made it back to friend's place, slept on kitchen floor and had a lime shoved in my mouth as I slept...apparently.

Sunday: Lazy sleepy day. Watched Futurama, Tour de France and Munster Final before heading home. Took an hour to get through Limerick due to the GAA. Collapsed into a slumber to be woken by a friend I hadn't heard from in months who picked the middle of the night to call me about Oxegen and the 2 guys on the bus "who say they live in the same town as you and have no idea who you are and say you don't write for the paper there."

Monday: Got up to write for the paper there.


Ronan said...

Good to hear a good night was had in roisin, great spot

Das "Bier House"

raptureponies said...

giant tankards of beet.. and supermacs?!
SOunds like my ideal night.