Thursday 1 May 2008

Got tagged y'all

I've been Memed by Rapture Ponies. Here's how it goes.

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1. Books which I have half read on my bedside locker include Catch 22 (yes I know, I should finish it), Bob Dylan's Chronicles Volume 1 (Good book but I'm reading it sloooowly), Woody Allen: The Complete Prose (Though that's not so much a book you "finish" per se, more dip in and out for articles) and Diarmuid Ferriter's Judging Dev (Thought I just started that one). I am a serial book commitment phobe. I rarely see them through to the end.

2. I am surprisingly spending more time on Pro Evolution Soccer 08 on the Wii than Mario kart, though both games are fantastically innovative. (If you fancy some on line fun leave your friend codes here!)

3. I totally got my better half with Ray's trick today. For those who don't know he urged the men of the country to text their girlfriends/wives/bit on the side telling them to turn on Today FM. After the ad break he played a "special request" for the girl who was just texted to tune in. As Van Morrison's "Have I Told You Lately" played I was texted and informed of the MAJOR brownie points I scored.

I came clean in the end, and thankfully she saw the funny side.

4. I got a birthday card from Guinness. As in the drink company. Seriously.

5. The West Wing is the best TV drama ever made in my humble opinion, with Band Of Brothers being the best Mini Series.

6. I used to have a psychosomatic thing where I would gag if I ever tried to take a tablet. I got over that fairly lively when I briefly suffered chronic migraines earlier this year. All's well on both fronts now.

I'll tag Ray, One For The Road, John Cav, Thundercrack, Matt, and the pair at Modern Cadence.

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The Crabling Otter said...

Similar to yourself, I followed Foley's advice. I texted my girlfriend, she listened to the song, she went all warm and fuzzy and told everyone how wonderful I am. Then I stupidly confessed.

She nearly killed me!! Ok, she finally saw the funny side, but I feel revenge will be forthcoming.