Monday 14 April 2008

Free festivals feeling the pinch

As Jim will tell you, gig economy is changing as the music scene readjusts in line with global downturns (or Rip Off Republic prices, or the scene hitting saturation point, depending on your point of view.)
The old adage of "unforseen circumstances" is wheeled out more and more often, time and again to circumvent admitting that often big names just aren't selling.
However it appears that it isn't just punters who are questioning the value for money the live scene promises these days as the big advertising spenders look at just what they're getting for their buck.
With that in mind it is interesting to hear that Diageo have pulled out of sponsoring the Mitchelstown "Indie Pendence" Music Festival amongst others in line with a revised national policy of sponsoring such small events.
Following this festival's success last year (the first time in years the event in Mitchelstown finished in the black after disastrous flirtations with Danni Minogue and, er, Eamon) hopes were high that the line up of Fight Like Apes, Director, Delorentos, Republic of Loose, Sultans of Ping and co could be built on, however these hopes appear to be dashed. The rumoured line up for this year's festival (and I ain't sayin' nothin' yet - I learned my lesson) still promises great value for money for punters going to a free gig, but Arthur G. and co don't see it this way and organisers will hope revellers will be feeling generous when the buckets come around.

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