Tuesday 4 March 2008

What do you do with all your old magazines?

I'm a hoarder. I keep stuff of little or no practical use, often claiming "sentimental value" or insisting that in years to come the many discarded items that lay strewn across my room or dormant in the attic will be worth something some day. When my mother suggests that she'll give my old childhood toys to charity I have a simple reply. Suggesting that armed with only an arts degree to my name my main source of financial income will be the antiquated by-gones of my youth, I imply that should she want me to put her in a good nursing home she'll keep my 1980s heirlooms, lest she appear on a "Prime Time 2030" expose of substandard geriatric care hosted by a cyborg Miriam O'Callaghan.

But I digress.

Another thing I keep is magazines. Lots of them. In fact it has gotten ridiculous - impractical even. I have pretty much every issue of Empire from the last 7 years in my room, taking up valuable book and DVD space. Then there are the various music magazines in boxes at the end of my bed.
Now many people are, at this point thinking "Why not recycle them?". That's what my mother argues. My girlfriend likewise (Now we could go off on a psychological tangent right there, but lets keep it Freud-free mmmkay?).
People who say this aren't hoarders. They can't understand that for people like me it is not good enough to simply extract the literal value - i.e. the content of the magazine - from it. Oh no. We hoarders need to feel another value from it. Throwing these items away is like admitting defeat - something a proud hoarder would never do, for it also exposes an underlying fear; that all this collecting, the pedantic cataloguing of these things has been futile - hours of our lives wasted. Maybe cleaning all this space would be cathartic but then the fear that an opportunity to redeem that value of the hoard could be potentially missed.

Anyway, reading the lively debate on magazines on Jim's blog, there are plenty of magazine buyers out there. Are you a hoarder? If so where do you keep your bounty? Are you a reformed soul who took the brave step of dumping your lot? Or are you the disposable type who dumps something once it has served its purpose?

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