Monday 11 February 2008

Taoiseach admits rules broken. No one cares.

An interesting throwaway comment in last Saturday's Examiner from Bertie on 'Rebel' Ned O'Keeffe TD.

Asked if he would welcome Mr O’Keeffe back, Bertie Ahern said: “Ned and I have been friends for 30 years, of course I would.

“I was talking to him earlier and he told me he had four comhairle ceantar meetings tonight, so he’s busier than ever.”


Because a letter circulated by Fianna Fáil (ya know, Bertie's crew? Who Ned left?) following O'Keeffe's resignation says the following:

As a member of the PP (Parliamentary Party) he was entitled to attend and speak at the meetings of all Comhairlí Ceantair (CC) in the Cork East constituency, (Rule 29 (i)), but now he has lost the right to attend and participate at all meetings and activities of this cumann.
So let's get this straight. In less time than it took the FAI to replace Stan, Ned O'Keeffe left Fianna Fáil because he wouldn't vote confidence in Mary Harney, (though he didn't vote against, he just abstained) has continued to go to Fianna Fáil meetings even though he's not a member anymore and is now rejoining?

'Rebel' Ned indeed.

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