Tuesday 5 February 2008

Road Rage.

Ok class, what we should revise today.

1. Cars coming from a secondary to a main road yield for the oncoming traffic on that main road. Not the other way around. Yes, it's awfully nice of you to allow people out in front of you.

Consider this though.

While you may not be in a hurry, the other rush hour commuters may not appreciate getting stuck behind a school bus.

2. All road users have the same rights. Regardless. Honestly, I know, I know, that Lexus probably cost you ten times what I paid for my second hand Nissan but I should still be allowed on the road. Maybe if you pay the right people a law forcing the likes of me onto the hard shoulder will be passed but until then check the aggression.

3. "Slow lane ends: 200m" is an indication that the two lanes will merge into one, and informs drivers to beware.
It does not translate as "Make a sudden burst and anyone in front of you be damned." See point 2. (I hope it was worth it, getting to be one whole car ahead of me as we got stuck in the subsequent bottleneck.)

4. The outside lane is for overtaking, only to be driven on if there is a car impeding your progress on the inside lane. It is not for driving at the same speed as cars in the other lane.

5. Lanes approaching roundabouts are not mere 'suggestions'. It would also be nice if you would at least indicate before swerving in front of other traffic.

6. Yes, employers, as unbelievable as it all sounds these things can all happen in a half an hour's drive. Please be tolerant of staff late for these reasons, for further aggravation will require a cathartic release of tension.

Such as wasting company time on a blog.


OneForTheRoad said...

...or a football forum you dossin' bastard!

Joe said...

Ahem....don't know what you're talking about...move along folks, nothing to see here...

RapturePonies said...

Oh Jesus don't even get me started on road rage-ness....
roundabouts are the worst!

actually no there's plenty worse...


*hi by the way :)