Thursday 7 February 2008

"Recorded 100% on solar energy"

Dear God.

I think I just heard an ad for Jack Johnson's new album actually brag that it was recorded using solar power.

That's all we need - for the pretentious pious knobs out there for find a new "product" to be high and mighty about.

"Ya I used to like Bjork but then I heard that the plastic cases for her last CD were produced by workers who are paid less than the international average minimum wage AND she didn't plant a thousand trees for every gig she did on her last tour so her music now means nothing to me. I mean, are her microphones fair trade?"


Sassmo said...

While I'm not a fan of pretentious douches, I feel like in some way your post is also attacking Jack Johnson. I lived in Hawaii for 8 years and actually had the opportunity to interview Jack Johnson over the phone. He's a really nice guy who doesn't deserve any kind of negative energy put off by this post.
While his typical fans are hypocritical, narcissistic assholes, he's a really humble, intelligent, eco-friendly guy.
He didn't record the album on clean energy just so his pretentious fans could brag about it... He did it because he actually cares about the environment.
Every year he brings a bunch of his friends together and does a music festival in Honolulu called the Kokua Fest. All of the performers do the show for free and all ticket sales go back to community programs such as recycling, environmental clean-up, oceanic research, etc.
Please don't knock a guy who's only interest is reducing his own eco-footprint and contributing back to the community from which he came from.

Joe said...

I didn't knock Jack Johnson at all - if you read the post again I knocked the ad for his album, the guys in suits who are using Johnson's ecofriendly ways to record his album.

I'm talking about how the music, not how it was made, should be the selling point, and trying to highlight how a cynical spin has been put on his environmental efforts.