Saturday 10 November 2007

Players go GAA-GAA

95% of inter-county players have voted to go on strike following the GAA's decision not to distribute 5 million euros worth of expenses awarded by the government to the players.

The GAA believe that doing so would go against the Association's ethos of the games remaining amateur.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but if the government want the players to have this money why don't they distribute it? Why thrust responsibility onto an organisation that wants nothing to do with it?

Surely the all powerful GPA, who represent inter-county players, can facilitate the distribution? If there is, as is believed, thousands being awarded to the players can they each not pay the GPA a nominal administration fee to hire a staff who can organise the distribution of the money?

There are thousands of GAA players who play for their local club, don't get paid expenses and would love the opportunity to play for their county. The GAA should show some balls, let the players strike and watch as people who want nothing more than to represent their county get their go.