Friday 2 November 2007

For Your Tax Money Today

The Equality Authority have criticised Pat Kenny's presentation of last year's Late Late Toy Show. According to today's Indo

During last year's 'Late Late Toy Show' on RTE "the main presenter persistently reinforced stereotypes of gender", according to the study. In the case of one toy, a human skull shown to ooze slime, the comment was uttered "made for boys, I think".

The study carried out by the Centre for Gender and Women's studies in Trinity College Dublin found blue and pink is often used to communicate gender appropriateness of toys, while boys are mainly depicted playing outdoors and girls indoors.

Under the Equal Status Acts, the code of standards states advertisements and promotions should avoid sex stereotyping, Mr Crowley said.

He said they would be working with the Advertising Standards Authority to ensure the standards are applied.

Now I'm all for criticism of Pat the Plank but the Equality Authority have put me in an uncomfortable, unprecedented position.

I'm on his side. This is absolutely ridiculous, the Toy Show was on nearly a year ago, it has taken 11 months of deliberation (by people paid from taxes) to made this crazy announcement.

Surely the Equality Authority can distinguish between being equal and being the same?

If anybody wants me I'll be hiding in the women's changing rooms in Dunne's Stores screaming "FACIST!!!" at anyone who tells me I'm not allowed to be there.

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