Sunday 18 November 2007

For your increased license fee today...

Over the course of the weekend RTE have subjected viewers to Jade Goodey on the Late Late and Bill and the boys managing to continue their bitter, stubborn crusade against Manchester United's Christiano Ronaldo- before an international fixture between Ireland and Wales.

The most unforgivable has to be the continuation of "RTE Physics" - a rare phenomenon in which sound, in particular George Hamilton's commentary, travels faster than light, being the actual picture on our screens.

Marvel as George tells us the Welsh goalie has spilled a cross before the ball is even kicked!
Gasp as George predicts a goal before the player even strikes the ball!

In this day and age a lag between picture and sound on a live broadcast is barely acceptable from a feed coming from the Middle East - how the hell did RTE mess up a game being broadcast from Wales, the closest country to the island of Ireland?

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