Saturday 6 October 2007

'Sad Books Are Bad Books'

Stumbled across a real, legitimate group on line, called The Happy Endings Foundation. (THEF)
Their goal is to eradicate any literature which may have a sad or depressing ending. They outline their aims as follows

  • To eradicate sad thoughts from all literature
  • To make people smile a little more often
  • To encourage authors to write more uplifting books for children
  • To highlight the dangers of reading sad books
  • To unite parents of a similar thinking and create a force with which to be reckoned
  • To protect the next generation of readers.
  • And, above all, to ensure the longevity of HAPPY ENDINGS (that means "to make sure happy endings are around for a long time")

The group is the brainchild of UK woman Adrienne Small. Small, a former tax inspector (no wonder she needed cheering up), noted her daughter wasn't happy with the ending of Lemony Snicket, a condition which she claims was exacerbated by her daughter's subsequent reading of the dozen or so books in the series (The first one scared you? Sure try the other 12, it might pick up! Solid parenting there).

The thing that freaks me about this whole thing is the image Ms Small puts out. The language she uses as if on some sort of happy crusade, in which her opponents MUST be miserable killjoys, right?

Any group that advocates undermining a person's free will (check the section where they suggest hiding a disagreeable DVD on someone should they not agree on the THEF stance) and has an annual "Bad Book Bonfire and Fun Fireworks Party need to be exposed for what they really are - emotion censoring Nazi's. Swap all the smilie faces on their site to swastikas, and change the benefits of this approach from personal to national well being. It's like a time warp.

It'd be funny if it weren't concerning - check how many 'Chapters' have sprung up across the UK


Anonymous said...

it isn't a real group. it was a hoax, perpetuated by folks involved with daniel handler's popular children's books.

Joe said...

I really am a sucker for those things. I think part of me knows it's false, but goes with it so I can be indignant.

I'm waiting to be told that the whole 'Bertie Ahern won 3 terms in office' is a ruse.